P6: Belastingdienst (Dutch Customs)

Dutch Customs is a law enforcement agency (LEA) directed at border crossing goods. The agency is responsible for Customs, excise, and several non-fiscal law enforcement tasks in major European import and export flows through the harbour of Rotterdam (EU#1) and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (EU#3).

Dutch Customs makes extensive use of bulk and trace detection technology to support its work. The Dutch Customs Laboratory (DCL) has 68 employees and was founded in 1880. DCL makes traditionally analysis of samples for excise and fiscal purposes for Dutch Customs. With the introduction of the non-fiscal tasks in Dutch Customs in the mid-seventies also the analyses of drugs and their precursors started. In 2009 the Living Lab was formed. In the Living Lab (currently 7 employees), Customs detection equipment and the use thereof by Customs is subject to study.