P7: Mykolas Romeris University

The Faculty of Public Security at MRU includes the Department of Criminalistics and Criminal Procedure. The main activity is training of Police and State Border Guard service officers, engaged in police functions of the criminal and the public police departments and in the State Border Guard service.

The Faculty of Public Security closely cooperates with CEPOL (a member of the Faculty is appointed as a contact point for Lithuania) and FRONTEX (as the Faculty of Public Security is the only academic institution preparing State Border Guard service officers in Lithuania, we closely cooperate with the State Border Guard Service under the Ministry of Interior (which is the official Board member of FRONTEX) and are invited to events and policy forming meetings as experts).

The Faculty of Public Security of MRU is the only academic institution, preparing police and State border guard officers, in Lithuania. Most of the lecturers and academic staff are also employed or involved in the State Interior Affairs (i.e. Police Department, Procecution Service, State Border Guard Service, Financial Crime Investigation Service and similar) and directly participate in decision-making services as well as