Workpackage  WP Leader 
WP1 Project management  DTU 
WP2 Requirements and specifications  DTU 
WP3 Providing chemical substances for test CRA 
WP4 Optical imaging  GIAB 
WP5 Micro-colometric chip for Sniffer system  DTU 
WP6 Secure wireless communication  PDE 
WP7  Air sampling  SEC 
 WP8 Monitoring station  DTU 
 WP9 System integration  PDE 
WP10  LEA Demo 1: Border control – Hidden drugs  DCA 
WP11  LEA Demo 2: Checkpoint security – Hidden drugs  MRU 
WP12  LEA Demo 3: Forensic investigation - Explosives  DEMA 
 WP13 Dissemination and exploitation  DTU